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Sven Ffolkes

My passion is to write stories that my readers can solve if they pick up all the clues and avoid the red herrings.  I will not hide the vital clue to prevent readers from solving the crimes for themselves, but instead have to wait for the final explanation by Sven Ffolkes, my Norwegian detective with a detailed understanding of the British way.  Of course I will provide a full explanation just in case a reader did miss that vital clue.

Cornwall on the Rocks (2005) introduces Sven Ffolkes, a Norwegian policeman with an acute grasp of the British way. A woman is found dead on the rocks after a night of drunken revelry in a converted lighthouse. Sven uncovers a web of intricate relationships as he seeks to unravel the events of the previous night. Using his close-knit team of Cornish detectives, he discovers secrets and seething resentments in a series of encounters where observation is key. Suspects include:

  • the beautiful Kyomi who has a tragedy in her past;
  • Alicia, a sensitive observer of life;
  • David, the boyfriend who finds other interests;
  • Carole, a confident young lady with ambition;
  • Carole’s boyfriend James, a handsome, rugby-playing doctor;
  • Todd, the wild child who grew up fast
  • Todd’s girlfriend Scarlett; and
  • Nick, the only boy in a class of pharmacy students.

We also encounter Big Porky Jewell, a larger-than-life drug dealer from London’s East End. Cat lovers will appreciate the cameo performance of the hotel feline, Topsy, probably more than Sven did.


I have on rare occasions also been inspired to write poetry.  Here is a poem about my much loved pet cat who is still remembered and sadly missed by all our family.


Children stories

I have recently published two stories for my grandson:

  • Percy, the grumpy penguin
  • An interesting day

He features in them along with the soft toys in our house which come to life. Although superficially written for a child there are underlying themes which will amuse adults.

Crime Writers’ Guild

Grace Tremayne is a founder member of the Crime Writers’ Guild