Cornwall on the Rocks

A woman is found dead on the rocks after a night of drunken revelry in a converted lighthouse. Inspector Sven Ffolkes uncovers a web of intricate relationships as he seeks to unravel the events of the previous night. Using his close-knit team of Cornish detectives, he discovers secrets and seething resentments in a series of encounters where observation is key. Suspects include:

•   Kyomi, a beautiful young lady with a tragedy in her past

•   Alicia, a sensitive observer of life

•   David, the boyfriend who finds other interests

•   Carole, a confident young lady with ambition

•   James, Carole’s boyfriend, a handsome, rugby-playing doctor

•   Todd, the wild child who grew up fast

•   Scarlett, Todd’s girlfriend; and

•   Nick, the only boy in a class of pharmacy students.

     We also encounter Big Porky Jewell, a larger-than-life drug dealer from London’s East End. Cat lovers will appreciate the cameo performance of the hotel feline, Topsy, probably more than Sven did. Poetry I have on rare occasions also been inspired to write poetry. Here is a poem about my much loved pet cat who is still remembered and sadly missed by all our family.