Out of a clear blue sky

What should the head of MI5 do when a former commando who led undercover operations is murdered and both civilian and military police are among the suspects? When John Howard, a Gulf War veteran who spent most of his career leading covert missions, is killed by his own car in a hit-and-run, his former commanders and MI5 fear that their security has been breached.

Using their NATO contacts, they seek out a neutral who could not have been compromised. They identify Sven Ffolkes, a Norwegian police inspector with an acute knowledge of the British way and ask him to run an investigation supported by both civilian and military police.

Ffolkes’ suspects are Digger, Tiger, Broadsword and Bird, members of a mission that Howard led into Iraq; Broadbent, the mission coordinator; Dalglish, Howard’s chauffeur; Shelly Jones, his housekeeper and Annabel his daughter, all of whom attended a reunion that Howard had held the previous evening.

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