You came when you needed us.
You left when we needed you more.
You were a giver of true affection
And ever as gentle as it was possible to be.

I thought that you would stay with us for the rest of your days.
You did, but they were too few.
Even when I knew your time was short,
Still did I hope for more.

Your fight for life was titanic,
Though inside I knew that you were struggling,
You stayed loving to the last.
Truly with every breath in your body.

Now that you are gone
Back to the love of one from whom you came
Rest peacefully in our garden
No harm can befall you now.

Your purr still caresses my ears.
I can still feel your soft fur in my hands.
I see you playing with a piece of string.
Your memory is ever etched on my heart.

Grace Tremayne
July 2005