The Millennium Initiative

Peter Taylor discovered a process whereby governments could provide drugs to addicts, safely and in a way that would put drug barons out of business. It would also stop dealers targeting schools to create the addicts of the future. His initiative was so good that a dealer murdered him in an attempt to stop it, but his idea would not go away. His beautiful sister, Kyomi and his friend Darren, developed his idea to the point where the UK government is now taking interest, but dealers are intent on stopping it. Realising that simply killing the protagonists makes them heroes, Harry Edwards, a drug baron who has already seen his younger brother convicted for dealing, embarks on a plan to discredit Kyomi. He enlists the help of a corrupt policemen in this endeavour.

Kyomi reaches out to her great friend and honorary uncle, Sven Ffolkes, a Norwegian policeman with an acute understanding of the British way, to clear her name. Sven has to find a murderer and unmask the corrupt policemen, while Darren tries to keep her out of prison. Both use the contacts they have made through their initiative in a race against time to prove Kyomi’s innocence and keep her safe.

On the way, Sven encounters Sir Toby, now Lord, Judd, a sprightly octogenarian whom he had met previously when he was a student solving his first case. Judd helps him cope with stumbling upon a clandestine MI5 operation. He also learns some of the finer points of cricket, closing one of the few gaps in his knowledge of British culture.

Watch out for the reappearance of Simba, the former Lighthouse Inn’s failed mouser, who is now Kyomi’s favourite man.

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Chapter 1 – 12:00 pm, 1st July 2001, Oslo

‘Uncle Sven?’

‘Kyomi, how lovely to hear from you. How are you?’

‘I’ve been arrested.’

‘Have you been caught nude sunbathing? I did warn you.’

‘No, I’ve been arrested for murder.’


‘I’m not joking. I’m really scared.’

‘Have you got a lawyer?’

‘Yes, Darren is taking care of that, but I need somebody to prove I’m innocent. I didn’t do it. You know I wouldn’t, but they won’t believe me. I need you to prove I’m not guilty. Uncle Sven, I’m frightened.’

‘I’ll come over straightaway. I’ll arrange it with Darren. Listen to what he tells you and don’t talk to the police without him being present.’

‘I won’t, I promise. Please come soon. I’m innocent, I swear it. Darren will be at work, although it’s Sunday.’

Ffolkes could hear her crying in the background. A voice said, ‘That’s it. Time’s up.’

‘Kyomi, we can sort this.’

The telephone went dead.