Latest: look out for Ice and fire, my latest novel, Released: 1st December 2022.

Welcome to the website of Grace Tremayne, crime and thriller writer.  Please return frequently to read about my writing, both completed and in preparation.  If there is anything you would like to ask me then please feel free to email me at:


Grace Tremayne supports the work of Harefield Hospital.

I had my aortic valve replaced at this wonderful unit where everybody cares. I will donate all my royalties from the sale of ERECOT to Harefield, so please enjoy the plot knowing that you are supporting its crucial work.

Expect the unexpected

My passion is to write stories that my readers can solve if they pick up all the clues and are not distracted by the false trails put there to provide a challenge.  I will not hide the vital clue to prevent you from solving the crimes for yourself, but you will have to use your brainpower to separate the facts from the red herrings.

Sven Ffolkes, a Norwegian detective with an acute grasp of the British way, will provide a full explanation, either for you to confirm that you got it right or in case you missed that vital clue.

Sven Ffolkes is not your typical detective. He is not a gun-toting rebel with a drink problem, fighting an incompetent hierarchy and he does not have a massive ego. He is just a good detective who works well with his colleagues, obeys the rules and uses his intellect and observation to solve the crimes with which he is presented.

Catch up with Sven in:

ERECOT, in both e-book and paperback and in

Out of a clear blue sky in e-book or paperback. This novel is set in Oxfordshire. If you would like to know about what to do and where and want to know what Sven might have found there in real life, why not visit my friends at www.redkitedays.co.uk for lots of good ideas.

Executive Action in e-book and paperback

On the rocks in e-book and paperback

The Millennium Initiative in e-book and paperback

Sinister plot in e-book and paperback

Dead ball in e-book and paperback

Business as unusual – in e-book and paperback


I have on rare occasions also been inspired to write poetry.  Here is a poem about my much loved pet cat who is still remembered and sadly missed by all our family.


Children stories

I have recently published three stories for my grandchildren:

* Percy, the grumpy penguin

* An interesting day

* Lockdown hide and seek

They feature in them, along with their soft toys in our house, which come to life to help answer their questions. Although superficially written for a child there are underlying themes which will amuse adults.

Crime Writers’ Guild

Grace Tremayne is a founder member of the Crime Writers’ Guild