Business as unusual

Watch out for Business as unusual a new novel by Grace Tremayne, which will be published in Early 2022.

It is 1995. Kirk Mitcham, a CEO who built his multi-million dollar toy business, singlehandedly from scratch, may be very successful, but his brusque, uncompromising approach has made him many enemies. This does not bother him, but when SmallWorld Ltd., a UK business he has recently purchased, is not performing how he requires and he risks losing a lot of money with it, he does get concerned. Not satisfied with how Gwen Ames, the financial director he placed in the company, is handling things, he decides to fly over to Birmingham find out for himself. He takes with him his son, George, whom he wants to learn the business. There they meets up with the three founding directors of SmallWorld, Rex and Jennifer Cousins and their business partner, Vicky Ryan, together with Charles Xe Hong, a long standing friend of Rex and Production Director of SmallWorld’s Manufacturing unit in Malaysia, Stefan Olufsen a Norwegian entrepreneur who has just sold his virtual reality business to SmallWorld, Rose Cousins, Rex’s daughter, who works as Distribution Manager and deputy to Matt Rogers, the Birmingham unit manager. Also present at the meeting is Juliet Holmes, Rex Cousins PA, who aspires to become a leading West End Actress.  Although he intends to stir things up, little does Mitcham realise he is about to kick over a cauldron of seething resentment, fraud, deceit and infidelity. ​​​​​​​The consequences are not what he expects.  

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